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  1. AvatarTravis Miles says:

    Just took my new car to Akin’s to touch up some scratches. I’m always pleased with their work. They do a great job and are pleasant to work with.

  2. AvatarMiles H. says:

    Tim Akin and his crew is always ready to do repair work, small to large. I have dealt with Tim on numerous small repairs and a medium repair, and I have nothing to say other than it looks like it never happened. He seems like he is always 3 weeks behind, but that’s so he doesn’t overbook and cause tie-ups. This means you get your vehicle when your supposed to, and his accuracy takes time. Thanks for the job y’all did.

  3. AvatarKenny Rogers says:

    Have made use of Tim’s services many times thru out the years. Always first class and honest service. Thanks Tim, although I hope not to ever need you again, I’ll be back if I ever do.

  4. AvatarRonnie Cooper says:

    I Have used Akin,s Body Shop, Thur the years. Always 1st class work from 1st class guys, Satisfied everytime, would highly recommend using Akin.

  5. Tim, David and Tracy are three of the nicest guys you could ever meet. They do top notch work and make sure the customer is satisfied everytime. They are the only guys that I trust my vehicle with.

  6. Avatarjames michael says:

    I have used Akin’s Body Shop since the 1960’s. They always do quality work and I have always been satisfied with the work they have done for me. I would highly recommend them.

  7. AvatarAnn says:

    We are very pleased with Akin Body Shop. Tim is very nice and gets things complete in a timely manner. The car looked just like knew when he was finished. I would highly recommend Akin Body Shop!!

  8. AvatarJohn Thompson says:

    I would defiantly recommend Akin Body Shop for any collision body repair work. He does excellent work. I have always been satisfied with the work I received.

  9. AvatarDion Fisher says:

    Being in the Automotive profession , I can appreciate quality work and have not only used Akins Body Shop on many occassionals but have highly recommened them .

  10. AvatarDiane says:

    Akin’s Body Shop is the only place to go for auto repair in West Tennessee. They do quality work EVERY time. Each customer is treated with respect, honesty and fairness. If you put your trust in them, they will never let you down.

  11. Avatarwilliam grissom says:

    I would recommend Akin Body Shop to anyone needing auto repair. They are very
    professional and do quality work. If it is not right it won’t leave their shop. I have
    used them over the years and am very satisfied with their work.

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